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WEBNARS Sustainable Buildings - HVAC, Energy, Codes and more

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Sustainable Buildings - HVAC, Energy, Codes and more

05 Mar 2024, 3:00 AM

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Host: Allana College of Architecture, Pune 


Join us for an enlightening webinar tailored for aspiring architects, engineers and entrepreneurs interested in sustainable buildings. Energy efficiency stands as a cornerstone in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. In commercial buildings, HVAC systems typically account for 40-60% of energy consumption, closely followed by lighting and other loads. A comprehensive grasp of building operations and the interconnectedness of building systems is essential for designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings that consistently perform optimally over their lifespan.

With this in mind, our webinar aims to elucidate fundamental concepts in a straightforward manner, drawing upon real-life examples. We will explore the basics of HVAC systems, different types available, cooling load calculations, and energy simulation software. Additionally, we will shed light on the energy codes and standards relevant within the Indian context. Armed with this knowledge, architectural students can delve into the realm of energy efficiency, familiarizing themselves with tools and methodologies to assess a building's design effectively. Join us as we embark on this journey towards sustainable architecture and high performing buildings.

What you will learn

Brief about HVAC systems

Understanding of HVAC system types, cooling load calculations and how it corelates with functioning of energy simulation software.

Energy Codes & Standards

An overview of the current landscape of energy codes and standards, in the Indian context.

More about the hosts

Mr. Akshay Pahade is the Founder & Managing Partner of Grattitude Synergy LLP. His core expertise includes Energy analysis of building systems using simulation tools. He is also a USGBC Faculty, through which he is furthering technical knowledge to the student community.

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Akshay Pahade

Managing Partner


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